Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween // 2012

A lot of things have prevented me from writing this post. I haven't edited the pictures, I don't have the time, now it's ridiculously too late, and finally, it's too embarrassing. Yes, embarrassing. 
Here's the story.

My friend, Michelle, and I had been planning on throwing a Costume Party like Kimball and I did last year. We started planning and then things just sort of stopped, life got busy and the next thing we knew it was the week before Halloween and invites, decorations, food, activities were not planned at all! We hurried to get things done and luckily we have awesome friends who were still willing to come with such short notice!

Fast forward to the day before Halloween, Michelle and Jordan come over to help cut out bats for the banner that would go all over our house and we're talking doing last minute prep. They take off and Kimball and I get the bats up, it looks like everything is actually going to come together! I'm feeling a bit under the weather and I have to mend Kimballs costume and finish details on mine and clean the entire house..but, you know, do-able. Right? Wrong.

Halloween day I'm running around with my head cut off trying to do everything and get last arrangements and make the house look somewhat festive and clean and by now I'm feeling AWFUL. My head is pounding, my body in chills, and I'm just plain feeling weak and dizzy. Do I say something? No, because that would be the logical thing and I am not a logical person when I'm sick. So I continue and friends start to arrive (don't worry, I'm still in sweats and the house isn't finished and my soup is cold). 

Finally Kimball commands me upstairs and my lovely lovely lovely friends (seriously I love them so much) continue the work I haven't finished. I turn to climb the stairs and fall. Yes, fall, up the stairs. I laugh it off so everyone else laughs as well. I get upstairs and take a good look at my bed thinking "I can just fall one would notice. I could just get in bed and sleep." But I throw that logic out the window and get dressed anyway. 

Dressed and ready to try and mingle to the best of my ability I start walking down the stairs to the living room. And then it happened. I ever-so-slightly step on the back of my dress and whoosh, I'm bounding down the stairs on my backside. I land on middle landing straight on my tailbone. I'm probably being dramatic and remember it wrong but I swear everyone gasped. I immediately want to die, cry and curl in a ball and try to disappear all at once. But I shake it off, give a little laugh and straighten my dress. I help in the kitchen, eat a roll and cling to the banister for dear life. By now I'm really dizzy and don't know if I could stand straight if I let go. After what seemed like eternity (but was probably only 5 minutes) I decide I can be a party pooper or disappear. I sneak upstairs and crumble to the floor in my bedroom and just sleep. 

I wake to Kimball helping me take my dress off and get me into bed. I cry and tell him how much my tailbone hurts and how mad and stupid I feel for not being downstairs. He reassures me everything is okay and I fall back asleep. The next time I wake up it's to my name being called as my friends leave and call up to me that they love me and to feel better. Throughout the next couple hours I receive more emails and texts from my lovely friends expressing their gratitude for the party, how fun it was, how I was missed and how much they love me and want me to feel better.

I could very easily say this was the worst Halloween ever but my friends and loving husband keep me from pronouncing that. That night I felt more blessed than ever. Sure I was sick, spent a great deal of energy putting on my party I didn't attend and bruised my tailbone and dented my pride but it was all for and with people that I loved. And that made it worth it. 

Michelle and Jordan were the last to leave helping Kimball clean and sweep up. They don't know this but I heard their conversation as they cleaned for me. They discussed how I was doing, my fall and how well I took it all. The concern and genuine care in their voices brought me comfort as I laid in bed. The next morning I came down to a spotless home and pictures on my camera that Kimball thoughtfully thought to snap, knowing I would be so sad if I didn't get any. I know this post is long and probably extremely boring but I really wanted to document it to remember how the love of my loved ones made me feel and to remember how lucky I am to have friends who can turn any bad day around. 

because i am blessed.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Goebbert's // Pumkpkin Picking with the Keddingtons

Goebbert's is a pumpkin patch the next town over and it is HUGE! We were not prepared for the massiveness and masses of people. I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was a kid so I was extremely happy to be there. Spice donuts, hot apple cider, adorable pumpkin pictures with Asher and tons of animals! Oh, and a dinosaur that eats pumpkins. Yup, completely serious! And, of course, we had to stop in the history section because I'm married to Kimball :) 

We love fall here and now we have a new family tradition!

because i am blessed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nauvoo Trip // Mom&Dad Visit

We made a quick trip down to Nauvoo, IL! Kimball was the only one who had been before so we were super excited. The weather was awful but after a session in the temple it didn't rain a single drop. We ate at the cutest little ma and pop diner then made our way around the sights!
Some of our activities included..
1.brigham young house
2.joseph smiths red brick store (where the relief society was established upstairs)
3.smith family cemetery 
4.mississippi river
5.pilgrims pavilion 
6.brick making 
7.carthage jail
and much more not pictured!
It was great to learn more about our churches history and be with family! And of course we got to take home our very own little Nauvoo bricks :) 

click here to learn more about Nauvoo and the LDS church!

because i am blessed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ma and Pa come to Chicago

Mom and Dad came to visit!

1.road tripped it to Nauvoo and Carthage (post soon to come)
2.did a session in the Nauvoo temple
3.spit in the mississippi river and lake michigan (don't ask..)
4.went into the city and saw the sights
5.introduced mom to a chicago dog
6.almost got eaten by aggressive city pigeons 
7.went on a lovely architecture boat tour
8.sewed my halloween costume
9.ate wayyy too much food and goodies found out just how insane my little sunbeams really are
11.and we also took way too many pictures ;]

And yet I only posted a few from downtown here. Be impressed. There was also a lot of major R&R and of course tons of stories and talk. So blessed to have such wonderful, goofy, loving parents!

because i am blessed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Decor Beginnings

Our house is still fairly bare, I guess I'm pretty picky..but now that Halloween is close I can just put up holiday decor instead! Only one problem; no decorations. Let's be real, buying pre-made decorations for holidays get expensive! And considering we're always out of town for most holidays we haven't really had a chance to get anything cute or festive. For our Halloween party last year we used a bunch of smaller decorations for our little apartment but I don't have nearly enough for our house and nothing very cute.

So, today I got out my fabrics and yarn and ribbon, etc and hit up the internet. I was able to make a couple things and it didn't cost me a cent :) Here's the extent of my decorating for now...don't judge, I'm working on it!

My mama-in-law made us this little quilt last year! Now it's over our entry way table with my little scare crow (that I did buy) and my thrift store candy bowl.
We had a church activity not too long ago and a lady brought all this great glassware that she was trying to get rid of! I grabbed these, not knowing exactly what I would do. With a little yarn, and turning them upside down now they're candlesticks :) They look so much better in person, sorry for the awful camera phone pics.
The other thing I did was look through my fabric scraps and get all the fall/halloween colored ones. I cut them in strips (1in wide, 16 inches long) and tied them around twine, then hung it above the fireplace with an "H" I painted for our old apartment.

Sorry for the seriously awful pictures. I wasn't motivated to get out Lady and take some good ones. Maybe when I'm all finished :) 

I still need more trinkets but it feels so good to have SOMETHING over the fireplace finally. 

You have any Halloween/Fall crafts? Do tell!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Conference Crunch

We got a package in the mail from my in-laws this week with one of my mama-in-laws best Christmas yummies! But, because it's Conference weekend, it's "Conference Crunch" this time :) 

I LOVE mail!
I have the best mama-in-law :)

Hope your weekend is relaxing! 

because i am blessed.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Years Ago Today..

Two years ago today
my boyfriend, and best friend, and I made our way up to our favorite star gazing spot in Provo, UT. 

Two years ago today
my boyfriend, and best friend, and I sat under the stars talking about the future.

Two years ago today
my boyfriend, and best friend, snuggled me hard and explained just how much he loved me.

Two years ago today
my boyfriend, and best friend, asked me to be his wife.

Two years ago today
my boyfriend, and best friend, became my fiance. 

and he's been snuggling me hard and explaining just how much he loves me ever since.

because i am blessed.